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Oded Regev's science books


Physics with Answers

Over 500 problems and full solutions to college physics problems. Written with Andrew King. 

Published in 1997 in hard and soft cover by Cambridge University Press.




Chaos and Complexity in Astrophysics

A comprehensive introduction to chaos and complexity theory (Part 1) and possible application of this theory to astrophysical systems (Part 2). 

First published in hard cover in 2006 by Cambridge University Pres. Reprinted in soft cover in 2012.





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Asymptotic Approximation Methods in Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

After a brief introduction to asymptotic approximation theory this short monograph attempts to explain the use of the theory in weakly nonlinear asymptotics of astrophysical problems. Written with Orhkan Umurhan

Published by VDM in 2010.

Chaos and Complexity in               Astrophysics*
Modern Fluid Dynamics for Physics 
and Astrophysics

A comprehensive exposition of recent developments, methods and tecniques in fluid dynamics. The basis of standard fluid dynamics is found in the first three chapters. The rest of the book is devoted more advanced (physically and mathematically) topics such as compressibility, rotation and waves. Linear and non-linear stability, turbulence and magnetohydrodynamics completre this graduate textbook

Published in 2016 as hard-cover and e-book by Springer.

Review in "Physics Today":

see May 2017 copy, page 60

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