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Scientific curriculum vitae

    'Scholastici non pellant nequeunt praeconia clara'   (Roman anonymous)

B.Sc. 1968 Physics and Math, Hebrew University
M.Sc. 1975 Physics, Tel Aviv University
Ph.D. 1980 Physics, Tel Aviv University


2008-        Prof. emeritus, Physics faculty, Technion

2007-2012   Senior res. sci., Astronomy dept. Columbia University
1996-2008   Professor, Physics faculty, Technion 
1991-1996   Assoc. prof., Physics faculty, Technion 
1987-1989   Visi. assoc. prof., Astronomy dept., Columbia University
1985-1991   Sen. lecturer (tenure 1986) Physics faculty, Technion 
1982-1985   Research fellow, Physics faculty., Technion 
1980-1982   Postdoc, Physics dept., University of Florida
1976-1980   Instructor, Physics dept., Tel-Aviv University


Temporary (1-6 months) research positions

2005 Senior res. scientist, Astronomy dept. Columbia University
2004 Vis. scholar, Astronomy dept. Columbia University
2002 Vis. scientist, Astrophysics dept. AMNH, New York
1998-1999 Senior vis scientist, Inst. d’Astrophysique, Paris
1995, 1993, 1991 Vis. sci. CNRS - Grenoble Observatory
1992, 1989 Vis. sci. Space Telescope SI, Baltimore
1981, 1982 Vis. res. assoc., Los Alamos NL



1985-2008 Member of the Space Research Institute
1990-1999 MINERVA Center for the Physics of Complex Systems
1983-1986 Technion Computer Users Commitee
1993-1997 Technion Computer Steering Commitee
1998-1999 Technion Senate Preparatory Committee (Senior Staff Nominations)
1999-2003 Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
1999-2003 Technion Visitor Grants Committee
1999-2003 Technion Faculty Prizes Committee
2000- 2003 Technion Senate Representative in the Board of Governors
2001-2003 Member of the Technion Board of Governors Council
2003- 2005 Member of the Technion Research Committee
2004- 2008 Member of the Ne’eman Institute Directorate



Single supervisor - Oded Regev, unless indicated otherwise
Completed Theses:

1986 Daniel Portnoy M.Sc. — Tidal Effects of a Supermassive Black Hole.
1987 Michael Cooper M.Sc. — X-Ray Bursts on Accreting Neutron Stars.
1988 Ahmad Hougerat M.Sc. — The Disk-Star Boundary Layer Structure.
1992 Vered Aharonson M.Sc. — Nonlinear Patterns in Astrophysical Fluids.
1992 Essam Zoabi M.Sc. — Inner Accretion Disk Structure.
1994 Nir Shaviv M.Sc. — Patterns in Thermally Bistable Fluids.
1994 Igal Ultchin M.Sc. — MHD Accretion Disk BoundaryLayers
1999 Essam Zoabi Ph.D. — Magnetic Effects in Cooling Flows.
2001 Igal Ultchin Ph.D. — Magnetic Accretion-Ejection.
2001 Alexandra Nemirovsky M.Sc. — Veritical Structure of Disks. (with G. Shaviv)
2002 Larisa Gitelmann M.Sc. — Asymptotic Models of Disk Flows.
2005 Assaf Sternberg M.Sc. — Transient Growth in Linearly Stable Flows
2006 Alexandra Nemirovksy Ph.D. — Turbulence Modeling of Accretion Flows. (with G. Shaviv)



Selected Invited Talks:
1. Frontiers – Chaos, AAAS Meeting, San Francisco CA, 1989.
2. Structure and Emission Properties of Accretion Disks, IAU Coll., Paris, 1990.
3. Accretion Disks-Beyond the Standard Model, Lund University, 1992.
4. VI Symposium on Statistical Physics, Zakopane, Poland, 1993.
5. Slim Disks & Boundary Layers, Gotheburg, Sweden, 1994.
6. Nonlinear Phenomena in Geophysics and Astrophysics, Aspen CO, 1997.
8. Astro-mathematics, Gubio, Italy, 2001.
7. Stability of Shear Flows, New York, NY, 2003.
8. Transient Growth as a source for Turbulence, Chicago, IL, 2004.
9. Accretion Disk Theory, Poland 2006

10. Angular Momentum Transport in CV Disks, Palermo, Sicily 2011 

Conference Organization:
LOC=Local Organizing Committee; SAC=Scientific Advisory Committee
1. Cataclysmic Variables and Related Physics, 2nd Haifa Conference, Eilat, 1993 (LOC chairman).
2. Magnetic Effects in Accretion and Cooling Flows, Technion ITP Workshop, 1996,(organizer).
3. Cooling Flows, 2nd Haifa-Oranim Symposium, 1996, (LOC member).
4. Nonlinear Effects in Accretion Disks, Gotheburg, 1997, (SAC member).
5. Analysis of Time Series, Wise Observatory Anniversary Symposium, 1997, (LOC member).
6. Physical Processes in Astrophysical Fluids, Technion, 1998, (LOC co-chairman).
7. Star-disk interaction in young stars, Grenoble, 2006, (SOC member)

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